Amigurumi Fly Free Crochet Pattern

We share a new amigurumi pattern with you. This is a fly. You can follow us for beautiful patterns.

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Difficulty: medium.

This master class contains lessons on knitting!

Necessary materials:

yarn NakoParis1 winding

– harness for shorts (able Yarnart Jeans)

– black for winding (knowing Yarnart Jeans) of legs, handles



self-hardening clay for eyes

-wire wire

wing wings



Sc- Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet


Dec Decrease


* Details we knit in the knitting process.


1p. 6sc into magic ring

2p. 6inc. (12)

3 pp. (1sc, inc) * 6 (18)

4 pp. (2sc, inc) * 6 (24)

5 pp. (3sc, inc) * 6 (30)

6 pp. (4sc, inc) * 6 (36)

7 p. (5sc, inc) * 6 (42)

8 pp. (6sc, inc) * 6 (48)

9 p. (7sc, inc) * 6 (54)

10 p. (8sc, inc) * 6 (60)

11 pp. (9sc, inc) * 6 (66)

12p. (10sc, inc) * 6 (72)


Prepare the wire cutters

two cuts of 30cm.

Each piece is folded in half, twisted between ourselves.

We fix the end of the wire (there, on the back) with a band-aid, then a little

dip in glue and glue black.

Tightly wrap the end wire, fix the end with glue.

Wrap around the wire, insert a little between 3 and 4 rows, the ends

twist between ourselves and wrap with a band-aid.

(Photo 2-8)

We continue to contact the body

13p. 72sc

14 p. (11sc, inc) * 6 (78)

15-24r. 78sc. (10 rows)

Prepare a wire for pens, two pieces of 16cm.

We do the very same thing as a little one, but we wrap the wire in the middle.

Next, insert the handle to the side between 23 and 24 in a row, twist between

we wrap ourselves with a band-aid.

(Photo 9-10)

We continue to bind, without forgetting to uniformly accumulate the body.

25 p. (11sc, dec) * 6 (72)

26-28r. 72sc (3 rows)

29 pp. (10sc, dec) * 6 (66)

30r. 66sc

31 p. (9sc, dec) * 6 (60)


33 p. (8sc, dec) * 6 (54)

34 p. (7sc, dec) * 6 (48)

35 p. (6sc, dec) * 6 (42)

36 p. (5sc, dec) * 6 (36)

37-38р. 36sc (2 rows)

Prepare two pieces of wire of about 10cm, do the same

actions that with hands, wrap a little more than half, then insert

between 37 and 38 next to the distance 4-5 loop of a friend from another, twist

we wrap a band-aid between ourselves.

(Photo 11-13)

39 p. (4sc, dec) * 6 (30)

40 p. (3sc, dec) * 6 (24)

41 p. (2sc, dec) * 6 (18)

42 p. (1sc, dec) * 6 (12)

43p. 6dec.

We tighten the remaining parts, cut off and stitch.


We dial79CH

1p. 78sc

2p. 78dc

3p (11sc, dec) * 6 (72)

4 pp. (10sc, dec) * 6 (66)

5 pp. (9sc, dec) * 6 (60)

6 pp. (8sc, dec) * 6 (54)

7 pp. (7sc, dec) * 6 (48)

8 pp. (6sc, dec) * 6 (42)

We knit 19sc and connect the loop of the beginning of the row, then knit 1

Row 19sc-finish knitting, cut off and stitch.

We retreat 2 loops from the beginning in the first leg, we knit 19

sc, we connect the beginning of the row, we knit 1 row-19sc, cut

Sew the hole formed between the pant.

For straps (2pcs) -we pick a chain of 15 air loops, sew on


(Photo 14-18)


For the eye, it will take a little white self-hardening clay.

We form two balls, one a little less another one more.

Pointing finger on one side, making balls


Connecting between ourselves, draw the pupils.

For a nose you need a lot less clay than for an eye, black

colors (if not black, too much white)

With our palms, we form a small stick, we do one side even with

another wider.

We fix the nose between the eyes.



* The wings were drawn with a 3D pen and subsequently sewn into the trunk.

With the help of such a “tool”, you can cut the wings from felt or tulle, or you may have options))

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